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RoverCNC HDX (Heavy Duty Large) Platform

The RoverCNC HDX platform is specifically designed for those who want to build a machine for daily or commercial use with a larger machining envelope. The HDX platform offers various benefits over the HD platform with the following features:

  • The gantry plates are made from 6061 industrial grade 20mm aluminum plates
  • 20mm precision linear rails used on the X-Axis and Y-Axis
  • Aluminum extrusions used are 80mm made from 6061 industrial grade with 4-5mm walls
  • 25mm fast travel precision ballscrews drive the Y-Axis using dual NEMA34 motors
  • 16mm fast travel precision ballscrew drives the X-Axis using NEMA23 (geared) or NEMA34 motor
  • Primary platform size is 5x9 (feet)  

The corner carrier plates have been precision machined to currently accommodate NEMA34 frame motors and 2525 ballscrews. We will be introducing plates for larger diameter ballscrews and NEMA23 frame motors at a later date should there be a demand for them.

The X-Axis plates are pre-machined to accept our Z-Axis Assembly as a direct bolt-on solution, or you can mount a transition plate to attach a Z-Axis of your liking.