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RoverCNC LT Build Log - Bill of Materials (BoM)

For this build we will be using a platform that is sized for 1.5m x 1.0m (approximately 59″ x 39″) that will give a rough cutting platform of 4ft x 3ft. Although we have chosen to size our build for 1.5m x 1.0m, you are free to use the size to your liking as much would depend on the length of the linear block rails and Ballscrews. A rough list of the bill of materials for the structural and mechanical components has been put together as follows:


Structural and Mechanical Components


In total for the above components with a 1.5m x 1.5m platform you are looking at a cost starting $3900 USD and above. A picture of the items in question follows:


Build Kit

In addition to the structural and mechanical components, you would need the electronics that include (at minimum):

  • 4x NEMA23 stepper motor and driver package (420oz recommended)
  • 1x CNC Motion controller board
  • 6x Limit switches 
  • Electrical wire, switches, connectors, etc.

Although our inspiration originated from the original belt driven CNC OX builds, we have since improved to support Ballscrews. Our unique Gantry Plates are designed to support the CNC OX belt driven mechanics, and as well as Ballscrew using the sample Gantry Plates. There numerous advantages to using Ballscrews that we will not get side-tracked into at this point but suffice to say precision and accuracy!


  • The above BoM lists some general hardware needed such as screws that you may be able to source locally, the quantity is a rough estimate
  • While the components do provide a bolt-on solution, you should have access to tools and be mechanically handy in order to put together the platform
  • You need to have some background before you venture into the world of CNC – Google offers a wealth of resources so dont be shy of using it
  • The extrusions come chopped but by no means are they precision cut; in order to determine the exact length, you should have the ability to cut them to precision length and 90 degree square

This build provides an illustration for a general nature build, and we are in no way held liable for any damages implied or otherwise

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