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RoverCNC HD2 Platform (NEW)

The RoverCNC HD2 platform is a redesign of the HD platform to add structural integrity for most demanding CNC tasks. It is for those customers who want to build a machine for daily or commercial use. The HD2 platform offers various benefits over the HD platform with the following features:

  • The gantry plates are made from 6061 industrial grade 20mm aluminum plates
  • 20mm precision linear rails used on the X-Axis and Y-Axis
  • Aluminum extrusions used are 80mm made from 6061 industrial grade with 4-5mm walls
  • The X-Axis uses 1616 ballscrew and the dual Y-Axis used Rack and Pinion direct drive system. The same HD platform provides optional plates for Ballscrew or Rack and Pinion.
  • Your platform size is no longer a limitation anymore!
RoverCNC HD2 Platform


Regular price $4,750.00 USD