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RoverCNC LT Build Log - Step 2 - Y-Axis Assembly

Now that you a platform of your size (in our case 1.5m x 1.0m), we are now ready to start erecting the gantry and the Y-Axis. The gantry plates are pre-drilled to accept the 20mm linear bearing blocks using M6 button head screws.

The Gantry Plates also have been predrilled to accept the RoverCNC decal that can be purchased separately; the picture above shows the decal installed onto the gantry plates. In order to complete the Y-Axis assembly, the following steps need to be completed:

  • Mount the 2 Gantry Plates
  • Attach the Limit Switches

— Mounting the Gantry Plates —

You will need 8xM6 screws for each plate to be mounted onto the bearing blocks. Position 1 bearing block as close tot he gantry plate as possible and using the screws start installing the plates, do not tighten the screws completely (just enough to hold the plate).

You will need to both plates to complete erecting the gantry. Do not attach the Ballscrew Mount to any of the gantry plates at this time!

You should now be ready to install the Limit Switches.

— Installing the Limit Switches —

Each gantry plate is predrilled to accept two limit switches but you only need to install two switches on any one plate. The limit switches come with the M4 screws, so go ahead and install the switches onto the gantry plate.

Once done installing the Limit Switches to the Gantry Plates, the Y-Axis assembly is complete. We are now ready to move along to the X-Axis assembly.

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