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RoverCNC HD Machine Gantry Plates - 2pc Base Gantry Kit

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With this kit you get the standard base kit to put together a stronger Heavy Duty (HD) CNC platform. The kit includes CNC machined aluminum plates (made out of T6-6061) and anodized Red. All the plates are pre-drilled to accept 40 and 80 series HD aluminum extrusions with a 40mm hole pattern (where applicable). These plates are primarily made for building a heavier CNC for harder materials. 

This includes the following:

  • 2pc Gantry Plates (20mm Thick Plates) - These Gantry Plates can be driven using 20mm Linear Block Bearings and 16mm BallScrews with 40mm or 80mm HD extrusions 
Each gantry plate is pre-drilled to:
    • Accept two (2) 20mm linear rail blocks
    • Accept one (1) 1616 (16mm) ballscrew block
    • Accept a HD 4080 or 8080 X-Axis beam
    • Accept a X-Axis 1616 (16mm) ballscrew
    • Accept a X-Axis NEMA23 or NEMA34 motor mount and attach a motor to drive your X-Axis 

Note: Pictures shown are of the Enhanced Kit which include the 4pcs X-Axis drive plates. What you will get are only the 2pcs Gantry Plates shown in the picture. 

The plates have hole patterns that are primarily focus to support extrusion with 20mm and 40mm hole specifications such as Part# 40-8080 from 8020.net at https://8020.net/40-8080.html.