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RoverCNC HD Machine Gantry Plates - 6pc Standard Drive Kit

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With this kit you get the standard base kit to put together a stronger Heavy Duty (HD) CNC platform. The kit includes CNC machined aluminum plates (made out of T6-6061) and anodized Red. All the plates are pre-drilled to accept 40 and 80 series HD aluminum extrusions with a 40mm hole pattern (where applicable). These plates are primarily made for building a heavier CNC for harder materials. 

This includes the following:

  • 2pc Gantry Plates (20mm Thick Plates) - These Y-Axis plates can be driven using 20mm Linear Block Bearings and 16mm BallScrews with 40mm or 80mm HD extrusions 
  • 4pc X-Axis Drive Plates (16mm Thick) Plates - The X-Axis plates are designed to accept 20mm Linear Block Bearings and 16mm Ballscrews. They are carefully designed to conform around the 80mm HD extrusion to create the perfect X-Axis drive mechanism

The plates have hole patterns that are primarily focus to support extrusion with 20mm and 40mm hole specifications such as Part# 40-8080 from 8020.net at https://8020.net/40-8080.html.