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RoverCNC Z-Axis Assembly - 200mm Stroke (7.87")

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This is a heavy duty Z-Axis Assembly made from solid aluminum blocks! Using high quality linear block rails, and fast travel ball-screw (1616) making it perfect for your next CNC project. The top mounting plate is pre-drilled to accept our Spindle Mount (80mm) that can be mounted in 3 different ways (height adjustment)!

We currently have two (2) sizes available based on their stroke (travel).

200mm Stroke (Travel) Model:

  • Travel (Stroke) = 200mm (7.87")
  • Standing Height (without Mount) = 474mm (18.66")
  • Width = 140mm (5.51")
  • Ballscrew accepts 10mm Coupling

The z-axis assembly is ready to accept a NEMA23 motor. The assembly does not include the motor mount and coupling shown in the pictures!

The NEMA motor mount and coupling can be purchased separately and are made from solid aluminum blocks and anodized red that not only are quality made but aesthetically look amazing!

The z-axis face has numerous threaded holes to accept your own transition or tramming plate, or even a spindle mount directly. We currently don't offer a tramming plate but one can be made for your machine very easily should you not want to rely completely on shims.