RoverCNC HD Platform Leveling Legs - 4pc Set
ID: 9673690950

  • $449.00 USD

What we have is an eye catching RED anodized legs for your next HD CNC build. The package includes:
  • 4pcs Anodized RED legs to support your HD CNC platform
  • 4pcs Anodized RED leveling blocks
  • 4pcs Levels
The legs are pre-drilled to accept M8 screws and the hole patterns are 40mm apart. This allows you a wealth of mounting configurations, an example of one is depicted in one of the pictures. The legs are also pre-drilled to accept NEMA23 and NEMA34 motors in case you wanted to upgrade your build in the future.
NOTE: The HD platform legs are bigger than the LT platform legs. The HD platform legs are larger and specific to a RoverCNC HD build! 

The leveling block mounts onto the leg using 4xM4 screws as shown in the pictures; once assembled the levelling block is ready for you to attach a adjustable leveling feet with M8 threads (leveling feet and hardware included).

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