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RoverFence System Package

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RoverFence System - Introducing a saw fence positioning system leveraging your existing investment in MACH3/4!!!!

What we have here is a saw fence position system using your existing investment in MACH (3 or 4). The RoverFence can be put together easily by purchasing components and the length of frame you require to make up your very own MACH controlled fence positioning system. This system can be used with:
  • Chop Saws
  • Table Saws
  • Bands Saws
  • Miter Saws
  • ...and many other applications requiring a fence positioning system
Components Include (complete to build your very own RoverFence):
  • RoverFence Extruded Frame (Cut to length)
  • RoverFence Internal Bearing Block (With Roller Wheel Bearings)
  • RoverFence Rear Plate
  • RoverFence Top Plate
  • RoverFence Front Plate
  • RoverFence Pulley Block Assembly
  • RoverFence Timing Belt
  • RoverFence Timing Belt Crunch Plate
  • RoverFence Right Cover
  • RoverFence Left Cover
  • RoverFence Motor Plate
  • RoverFence Motor Mount
The above components can be assembled providing you a platform ready to mount your NEMA23 motor/driver and MACH connectivity. You can configure MACH for a single axis fence positioning system! NEMA23 Motor and Driver not included!
NOTE: Please note this is build to order so shipping can range between 4-7 weeks!

Please follow the images attached to see the completed assembly of a limited sized RoverFence as a demonstration!