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RoverCNC F-Axis Assembly - 1.5m Length

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The RoverCNC F-Axis is a new low cost affordable and "flexible" linear axis (thus the name F-Axis). The flexibility comes from purchasing the relative components to build the travel length you require!

This is a perfect platform for those who want to build a low cost CNC platform such as a router, laser or 3D printer. You can pair together multiple F-Axis Assemblies like using 2 matched pair for your Y-Axis, 1 for your X-Axis and 1 for your Z-Axis (total of 4 RoverCNC F-Axis Assemblies) to make a complete low cost CNC platform!

What we are offering is complete build RoverCNC F-Axis Assembly with the following specifications:

RoverCNC F-Axis Assembly Specifications:

  • Total Length: ~1520mm (60")
  • Stroke Length: ~1340mm (53")
  • Height: ~10mm (4") 
  • Width: ~60mm (2.35")
  • Rail System: 15mm Linear Rail (with 1 Block)
  • Drive System: TR12 Trapezoidal Stainless Lead Screw (with Anti-backlash Brass Nut)
  • Lead Screw Travel: 12mm (0.47") per Revolution

The pre-build RoverCNC F-Axis Assembly unit was built using our RoverCNC F-Axis Kit with the following BoM:

  • 20x60 Aluminum Extrusion (1500mm length)
  • 15mm Linear Bearing Kit (1500mm length)
  • TR12 ACME Lead Screw (1450mm length)
  • Stainless 60mm Motor Spacers/Stand-offs
  • Motor Coupling (to fit your motor shaft)
  • NEMA23 Stepper Motor