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MASSO Touch G3 CNC Mill/Router Controller - 5-Axis

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MASSO Touch G3 CNC Mill/Router Controller - 5-Axis

Fully integrated CNC controller powered by MASSO G3. 15-inch industrial capacitive touch LED screen powered by MASSO G3 controller. Mount accessories or small stepper motor drives inside the unit with a large aluminium back-plate to radiate heat.

Powered by MASSO G3

  • Large 15″ LED screen
  • Switch between vertical or horizontal interface with a single click.
  • Vertical interface with full touch keyboard.
  • Load g-code files, position work piece and machine parts in a few simple clicks.
  • See machining operations in realtime.
  • Conversational programming for simple part machining.
  • Interactive part probing option.

Capacitive touch glass

  • Toughened capacitive touch glass.
  • Reliable touch operation.
  • Easily navigate through screens and control machine operations.
  • Wired / wireless mouse and keyboard also supported.

Powered by MASSO G3

  • Powered by the latest “PC-less” MASSO G3 controller for fast and reliable machine control.
  • Lathe, Mill, Router, Plasma or WaterJet machine control with up to 5-axis control.
  • Service access to internal electronics while mounted on the machine.
  • Mounting option for accessories or small stepper drives inside the unit.
  • Aluminium rear plate for easy mounting and can be used as a heat sink.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi antenna for PC connectivity via MASSO-Link software.

Easy machine control

  • E-Stop, cycle start and cycle stop buttons for easy machine control.
  • Easy USB flash drive access to load and run g-code files.
  • MPG (manual pulse generator) support.

Integrate with your machine

  • Easily mount directly on machine body.
  • VESA stand 3.94″ (100mm) compatible.
  • Fan-less design for harsh environment operation.
  • No need to worry about PC, hard-drive failure or Windows drivers.
  • Runs on a single 24VDC power supply.
  • Easily manage and run wiring from wiring slot.


We are your official distributors of the MASSO Controller in Canada/US!