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We are the official distributors of the MASSO Controller in Canada/US! The idea for this radical design came from a challenge while building CNC machines. The PC based system was too complex to setup, further there were a lot of hardware and software compatibility issues. The PC based system would periodically crash.

That's when the MASSO controller came into being. A dedicated embedded CNC controller was designed from the ground up on a custom-built hardware platform that included all the inputs and outputs to control machine axis, spindles, accessories, etc. All the required hardware is built into the system and the user only needs to connect an monitor screen through the built-in VGA port and a standard USB keyboard. With a unique dedicated architecture, the machine can be controlled without requiring any dedicated PC.

A simple and standalone Mill/Router CNC Controller with fully integrated hardware and software specially designed to run CNC machines independently of a PC. No need to worry about installing drivers or motion cards, just wire the MASSO to your motor drives and enter calibration values to start machining.

Built-in WiFi Connectivity – MASSO G3 comes with Wi-Fi hardware and software to easily transfer gcodes files to the machine and monitor machine/job status through WiFi.

The handheld Masso MPG Pedant is the perfect addition to your Masso CNC Controller.

Ready to use without any need for software or drivers, easily move machine axis and calibrate tools. With built-in E-Stop button and a high-quality coiled cable, stretchable up to 3 meters. The MPG Pendant also offers:

  • Pre-wired connector for MASSO controller
  • Selector switch for selecting X, Y, Z, 4th or 5th axis
  • Selector switch for resolution
  • Easy mounting with a hook or built-in magnets
What you get in this package is:
  • MASSO MPG Pendant
You can learn all about the Masso Controller at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU1S9ofTFCochJOwrSqJLZw/featured