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Masso Homing Sensor

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The all NEW! water resistant Homing Sensors are based on a non-mechanical design which makes them highly accurate and by not having any moving parts, the sensors have very high accuracy and very low failure rate. MASSO Homing Sensors will ensure accuracy in automatic tool changes, jigs and job fixtures.

Homing sensor features

  • High accuracy with no moving parts
  • Homing repeatability better than 10 microns
  • Water resistant with IP65 rating
  • Wide working voltage range 9 to 24VDC
  • 5 metre (16 ft) long high quality flex cable
  • Easy mounting using M3 screws
  • WARNING: Connecting the power polarity in reverse will damage the sensor.


  • BROWN – (9~24VDC)
  • BLUE – (0V)
  • BLACK – (NO – Normally Open)
  • WHITE – (NC – Normally Connected)