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Posted by Sam Bhanji on

This blog will communicate all the new products and designs that are upcoming. We are currently working diligently in introducing new products and designs that we will be sharing through this blog.

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-- RoverCNC HD2 Platform -- NOW SELLING --

The new and improved RoverCNC HD2 Platform kits are now available which incorporate a redesign of the gantry, and optional Ballscrew/Rack and Pinion drive system.

RoverCNC HD2 Platform  

-- RoverCNC F-Axis Kit -- COMING SOON --

The RoverCNC F-Axis is a new low cost affordable and "flexible" linear axis (thus the name F-Axis). The flexibility comes from purchasing the relative components to build the travel length you require!

The RoverCNC F-Axis components include:

  • RoverCNC F-Axis Plate Kit
  • 20x60 Aluminum Extrusion (as per travel length)
  • 15mm Linear Bearing Kit (as per travel length)
  • TR12 ACME Lead Screw (as per travel length)
  • Motor Coupling (to fit your motor shaft)
  • NEMA23 Stepper Motor


-- RoverCNC Pro Stop I -- COMING SOON --

Here is a brief introduction of the "RoverCNC Pro Stop I". The Pro Stop I is a Mill accessory that attaches to your work table and provides a stop for your material or stock part. The stop bar is a 1/2" circular bar that is rigid with a base that supports 2 mounting threads - 1/2" and 3/8".



-- RoverCNC Economy Z-Axis Assembly -- COMING SOON --

Here is a brief introduction of the "RoverCNC Economy Z-Assembly". The economy z-axis assembly features a single but capable 20mm linear rail and a low cost alternative for a z-axis.