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Aluminum Compressed Air Pipe - 20pk

Regular price $750.00 USD

You get 20pcs of 20mm (3/4") aluminum compress air pipes at 4000mm (13ft) each.

Using aluminum compressed air piping (SicoAir) is easy to install, affordable and rust and contaminant free. The aluminum compressed air pipes we sell are CNR certified and meets ASME B31.3 requirements. The pipes are rated for 217 PSI (15 BAR) and the fittings rated for 181 PSI (12.5 BAR). They are an excellent choice for your home shop, garage, workshop and commercial environment.

The compressed air pipes we stock are 20mm Diameter (3/4 in) and come in lengths of 4000mm (13ft). Because of the length and packing there may be added freight charges that apply.


  • 20mm Diameter (3/4")
  • Tubular extruded aluminium pipes
  • Calibrated aluminium pipes for perfect and leak-free assembly with fittings
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth, clean and corrosion resistant
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Can be installed on an existing compressed air system with NPT adapters
  • QUALICOAT certified powder-coated blue paint for compressed air identification
  • Suitable for compressed air, vacuum and nitrogen


  • Clean air and optimum efficiency
  • Aluminum pipes ensure the absence of corrosion (which is not the case for conventional steel or galvanized steel systems)
  • Aluminum pipes, combined with adequate air treatment, prolong the service life of the equipement and of the filters
  • With the total absence of corrosion in the aluminum pipes, the air turbulence is eliminated, allowing a constant air flow and reduced pressure drops

Easy to install:

  • The installation is 50% to 75% faster than a conventional steel system, thanks to the screwed connections (no welding, soldering and threading of heavy components)
  • SicoAIR pipes and fittings can be assembled by a single installer
  • SicoAIR pipes and fittings are lighter than conventional steel or black iron system
  • The twin take-off drop fittings make it possible to install air drops on the main line simply and quickly, even if the system is pressurized


  • Saves energy: Calibrated aluminum pipes assembled with compression fittings eliminate air leakage, reducing energy costs by up to 10%. They also allow high air flow rates and low pressure drops because the smooth interior of the pipes and fittings reduces friction losses
  • Substantial reduction in installation costs which often include more labor costs than materials
  • Reduces production downtime when installing or adding components
  • Reduces maintenance costs

Easy to modify or extend:

  • The SicoAIR system is easily removable and reusable: it can be reinstalled elsewhere without damaging its components
  • Construction


  • Aluminium extrusion alloy EN AW-6060 T6 with inside and outside titanium-based, chrome-free and RoHS-complying treating and electrocoated outside surface
  • Color: Blue RAL 5015
  • Manufacturing process: Seamless extrusion process


  • Size: 20 mm
  • Size: 3/4 inch
  • Length: 4 m
  • Length: 13 ft
  • Weight: 0.9 kg
  • Fluids: Compressed air (dry, wet, lubricated)
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 217 PSI (15 BAR)
  • Normal Working Pressure: 181 PSI (12.5 BAR)
  • Vacuum Level: 80% (29.6 "Hg)
  • Working Temperature: -20 to 70 °C

Resistance to:

  • Corrosion
  • Aggressive environments
  • Thermal variations
  • UV
  • Mineral and synthetic oils for compressor