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Momentary Waterproof Limit Switch XZ-8108 - 6pk

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Momentary Limit Switch XZ-8108, Waterproof, Steel Roller, High Quality - Pack of 6 pcs

These are high quality waterproof limit switches for your next CNC project.
Strong structure made of zinc metal alloy and plastics,easy to contact line;
Small size,water and oil resistant; Double way switch,double spring inner switch;
Variety of levers. Widely used in mechanical equipment, automatic machine and motion based instruments.
  • Load Rating: 5A/Upto 250V AC/DC
  • Operation speed: 5mm-50cm/s
  • Operation frequency: 
  • Mechanical Operating Frequency: 120times/min
  • Electrical Operating Frequency: 30 times/min
  • Contact Resistance: ≤25mΩ
  • Insulation Resistance: ≥100MΩ
  • Voltage Non-connection Wire: 1000VAC
  • Voltage Every Terminal: 1500VAC
  • Protection Degree: IP65
  • Operating Temperature: -25℃-60℃
  • Operating Humidity: ≤85%
  • Certification: CCC, CE, UL, TUV