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NEMA23 Hybrid Stepper Motor 428oz + QS-404A Digital Driver Kit

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This package includes a perfect solution for your next project with a high torque 420 oz-in Stepper Motor and high performance Digital Q Series 404A Stepper Driver!

Whats included: 
  • 1pc Hybrid Stepper Motor 420oz
  • 1pc Digital Stepper Motor Driver
Stepper Motor Specification:
  • Frame: NEMA23
  • Motor Length: 114mm
  • Shaft Length: ~25mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 8.00mm (1/4" is not strong enough for this much force in our opinion)
  • Current: 3A
  • Rated Voltage: 2.4V
  • Torque: 428 oz-in 
  • No. of Phases: 2
  • Step Angle: 1.8 Degrees (+/- 5%)
QS-404A Digital Driver Specification:
Q series 2-phase & 3-phase stepper driver is the latest all-digital stepper driver. It uses servo control theory and the most optimized control calculation. It has no concepts of “beat” and “subdivision” of the traditional driver. No matter how many steps are set, the motor current is always the accurate sine current instead of current step. That is why the stepper motor has the best performance, stability, and low-speed mute and extremely low heat productivity
  • Supply Voltage: From 3VDC to 24VDC
  • Output Current: From 1.0A to 4.0A
  • Accurate sine current control brings excellent performance
  • Single pulse, dual pulse
  • 255 options of steps for different transmission ratio
  • 11 kinds of lock current (0~100%)
  • Automatically record the breaking point when power off
  • 16 kinds of output current
  • Set the rotation direction of the motor
  • Easily set and read
  • Input signal 3~24V, not need to externally connect current-limit resistor
  • Auto run function
  • Perfect stability, low-speed mute, extremely low heat productivity
  • Self-test ability
  • 16 kinds of lock time (0.1~2 seconds)
  • Protection function
  • set EN port to off-line mode or lock mode