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MACH3 USB Wireless MPG - 4th Generation

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WiXHC USB Wireless MPG - 4th Generation
MACH3 Support, USB, Supports Windows 7

The best available USB wireless MPG in the market for Mach3! 2016 4th Generation MPG!!

What you get in this package is:
  • WiXHC WHB04B-4 Wireless MPG

Wireless MPG Features:

  • Auto Frequency Hopping When Noise
  • Frequency band: 433Mhz, ISM, Output Power up to 10DB, High Receiver Sensitivity -98DB
  • 32 hopping channels,the channel frequency gap is 1Mhz
  • The transmission is encrypted, auto build communication network and pair, auto-hopping when noisy
  • 32 sets of wireless MPG could be used at the same time in one room
  • 2" LCD display
  • Display the X Y Z A B C axis work and machine coordinate data
  • Display the spindle and feed speed
  • The lcd display data with background light
  • 3 Axis/Step band switch 
  • To choose X/Y/Z/A/B/C axis or close all axis by axis switch,to choose jog step by step switch.

You can download the MACH3 MPG Driver using this link: MACH3 MPG Driver Download